Free Website

At Free Website SA, we design premium websites for free. We've recognized the need for South African and international businesses to get online but some lack the budget to design a professional website - this is where we come in. We'll design and build a website for you, for free (this is better than a free website builder)! All you do is send in your images, logo and content as well as pick the design framework you want us to use when building/designing your website. Lastly, you'll need to get hosting from the guys we use (we use the same web host for all our websites) - this will make the production and deployment one easy process (& they provide great service for a really low price). You'll use a form on our website to submit the custom options you want us to apply to your website. This form will allow you to upload your own background images, patters, header images plus your content to go on all the pages. Bookmark this website to keep an eye on when we go live!